Katie Loxton

Who is Katie Loxton?

Katie Loxton is the inspiration and Founder behind the brand Katie Loxton, the luxury and affordable gifts brand, that offers a wonderful collection of ladies accessories and gifts, perfect for everyday and special occasions 

Katie Loxton Collection, oozes luxury and appeal with that special wow factor, while being competitively priced, A ladies accessories brand, Katie Loxton is renowned for gorgeous luxury handbags, crossbody bags, purses, pouches and scarves. Beautiful ladies gifts, packaged in a perfect way, ideal for a special lady. Highly fashionable gifts and loved by many, the Katie Loxton Collection is a must for those looking for that extra special look and absolutely amazing and useful, quality gift ideas. Shop the wonderful Katie Loxton bags, and wear the most beautiful Katie Loxton scarves or be highly organised with the beautifully designed stationery packs and gifts sets available. Katie Loxton are one of my favourite gift brands, and I know that the quality and care that is put into making their products is second to none, so that they can be enjoyed and used for many years to come. Katie Loxton rules. 

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