The Cotswolds and a trip to Belas Knap, near Winchcombe

Lovely morning for a walk to Belas Knap. So we took ourselves and dog over to Winchcombe and hiked up to the burial mound that is known as Belas Knap.

Nice little walk, not to strenuous, about a mile to get to the mound, up a fairly steep hill, but easy walking, along fields, through woodlands and good paths.

The mound its self is quite large, with a rather cute fake entrance to the right, this is so photogenic, and the stone walling is incredible, a piece of art that is renowned in the Cotswolds. 

Wander around to either side and there are little cave like places where the burials were made, and then found in later years. Ok its not massively exciting for the kids, but read the history, and enjoy the walk, and on the way down enjoy the amazing views over the vale below. In fact you can see a rain cloud coming in, in the picture, as when we reached the bottom, it absolutely poured. In all it took us about an hour, so a nice wander into the countryside for a bit of fresh air was exactly what we needed :)

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Check out the English heritage website for further information