Top 5 Joma Jewellery Animal Bracelets for 2022

Joma Jewellery are one of the finest fashion jewellery suppliers in the UK. Their clean designed Joma bracelet collection and well loved gift cards are second to none. Joma bracelets (as I like to call them) are perfectly packaged and beautifully displayed for a perfect gift. With so many different varieties the options are endless. Some of the super favourite animal joma bracelet collections for 2022 are listed below, but with their ever changing catalogue of stunning jewellery the list could grow and grow. Joma also offer the most beautiful
and so much more!
The fact that each Joma bracelet is so special with its own little ditty, makes the experience even more special, and don't forget that these Joma Bracelets are perfect for stacking on the arm. So whether you choose one or five the look is certainly just perfect, and the idea way to start a Joma Collection.
Number 1
(in no particular order)
Our first Joma animal bracelet that I would like to introduce is the brand new for 2022 Robins Appear. (Technically not an animal, but I've grouped it in the animal collection.)This is super cute and an ideal gift. The second in the Robin series of Joma Bracelets its already proving to be a most definite favourite and I love it.


Number 2

 Are you a cat person or are you a dog person? That is the question! This pretty little bracelet, new for 2022 is most definitely the cat persons choice, featuring a smart little silver plated cat charm with cut out heart. Life is better with cats!


  Number 3

This beautiful bracelet is the ideal horse lovers gift. A strutting silver plated horse charm hangs gorgeously off this beaded bracelet. It's wrapped around this wonderful little card with ditty that melts the heart: Loyal friend by my side, together we take life in our stride! Perfect Joma Horse Bracelet

Giddy Up Joma Horse Bracelet


Number 4

The happy little hedgehog is super Joma bracelet, the perfect hog persons choice. Hedgehogs are so unusual, but loved in the English countryside, with the nocturnal life they frequent country and city gardens looking for food and water.

Hedgehog Joma Bracelet

Number 5

This is the cutest little Joma bracelet, new in for 2022! The paw print is on many Joma Dog Bracelets, and as so many ladies love their beautiful doggies, its only apt that a silver plated heart charm with paw prints are hanging from this super stunning bracelet. 


Love has Four Paws Joma Bracelet



 See the full range of the wonderful Joma Animal Bracelets, there are so many gorgeous designs and styles, with new designs being added seasonally.