Flower Jewellery & The Floral Necklace

It's that amazing time of year when all natures beautiful flowers and plants are starting to grow, and showing their true colours. Flowers are natural, wonderful, relaxing, sweet smelling, pretty features that adored and loved by many, and the perfect gift.
The pretty Tulip, comes in selection of different types and colours & flowers in mid to late spring. Vibrant and pretty with a vast green array of leaf, they look fantastic in pots on the patio.
Love tulips?
we have the perfect tulip necklace or tulip earrings, made from sterling silver and mother of pearl, this delightful set is super unique and a popular choice for the ladies.

Pearled Tulip Pendant Necklace


The Daisy is a pretty flower, from the common lawn daisy that can be seen on many lawns in the UK, to the more exotic versions like the African daisy. It is certainly a well known little plant that certainly brightens up any garden.
Do you want to give a daisy necklace as a gift?
Daisies are a pretty popular choice of flower as a gift.
Available in a stunning selection of colours and styles, typically made from sterling silver and beautiful stone, the daisy necklace stuns when worn.

Dainty Silver Daisy Necklace 

Visit our gorgeous range of flower jewellery to find the perfect piece for a loved one, or yourself.


One of my favourite ever flowers is the unique and pretty fuchsia. This beautiful tubular shaped flower, that is native to both New Zealand and America and highly colourful looks absolutely gorgeous when grown in pots on the patio, or as a bush in the garden. 
Does your loved one just love fuchsias?
The Fuchsia Necklace and Earrings are super beautiful, and have such a stunning look! The slender look, stands out with any outfit and is sure to be a talking point.